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þriðjudagur, 7. október 2014



Oh my, you have had an eventful time. I hope the leak gets fixed - correctly. Yes, we here in Canada have heard of the volcanic eruption and I did wonder how extensive it was and if you were affected. Good to hear it's not that bad where you live.
Love the fabrics you used in your cushion.


You are just toooo funny Berglind!!! I, too, would like to know why they can't make a house that doesn't leak. I think we've been fighting some sort of leak somewhere in our house for 15 years! I hope you'll get your balconies rebuilt soon -- although, that style balcony is a great conversation starter for your parties LOL!!!

I'm with you -- the radio lady is crazy -- I LOVE the change of seasons and I get energized too. It's always good to have new things to look forward too.

And now -- I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of all those projects you made this summer. Show us Andreas blouse/top and WE will tell you what to call it LOL. And the sweaters! WE want to see the sweaters!!!

Can't wait until your next post!!!

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