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föstudagur, 30. maí 2014



Oh. My. Gosh! How Cute is that??? The only thing missing is little Arna snuggly under her new quilt! That quilt is just adorable Berglind! And look at all those cute-patootie stuffed animals -- with TWO Hello Kitties! You should make a Hello Kitty Sandwich with Arna in the middle LOL!

Berglind Snæland

Yes I asked her to cuddle under her new quilt but she didn't want to because it would spoil how good the bed looked, LOL -- and now I have to make the bed like this every morning hihihi
She got the two little Hello Kitties for birthday two years ago and didn't wan't to return one of them, said it was Hello Kitty AND Mimmy (Kitty's twin sister) ;)


What a wonderful quilt. Lucky girl.

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