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föstudagur, 24. janúar 2014



Congratulations, what a treat!! You must try to sew on it. I have my mother's Husqvarna, maybe we should hane a challenge?
The weather here in Western Norway is great. Have a nice weekend, and give Dagur a big hug!


Holeeeee Cow Berglind! WOW!!! How lucky are YOU??? That would be my dream to have my great grandmother's sewing machine. Yours is BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE the beautiful metal (brass?) accents. Wow. You Lucky, Lucky girl! Someone in our family has my great-grandmother's machine -- it may even still be at her old log cabin which has been closed for many years but is still in the family. Maybe I need to send some e-mails and beg LOL.

Looks like perfect sewing weather to me! I hope you're staying warm.

(P.S. I placed my yarn order today -- it was so hard to pick some colors -- I hope they aren't awful when I get them LOL!)


I'm so happy for you!...and your GG's Singer. What a happy and the most appropriate pairing. I'm glad you shared allll the photos. Gorgeous! (Of course, the most gorgeous photos actually being of your own dear children.) Enjoy.


Lucky you. I have my mother's treadle. I learned to sew on it. It's a wonderful machine. I hope you enjoy it.


how precious you got your grandmas machine.........loved all the pics.........

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